Council Corner

Here you will find updates from our council

September 13- Dave Moore, President

It has been a busy and productive time for the Council as we moved from summer into fall. The leading priorities of Engaging Members, Attracting Visitors, and Acquiring New Members continue to drive our initiatives.

In support of those priorities, we have many exciting things happening:


  • First and foremost, the Call Committee recommended a pastoral candidate to the Council which was reviewed and approved – and a special meeting of the congregation has been called for September 25 immediately following the 10 AM Worship Service for the sole purpose of electing the candidate. All voting members may attend (including those who will be confirmed during the service that day) Additionally, a Meet and Greet event is scheduled for September 24 from 11:15 to 1:15 (including lunch) for the congregation to meet and engage with our pastoral candidate. It is our hope that all members will be able to attend. Click here for more information.

  • To better support participation, growth, and development of our Sunday School, the Sunday schedule has been adjusted with Sunday School beginning at 9 AM and Worship Service at 10 AM. Additionally, Sunday 9 AM – 10 AM will be a time of fellowship, adult education, and music rehearsals. All members are encouraged to come early and participate in any (or all) of these activities prior to worship service. Also of special note, this does not preclude our ability to add a second service when the timing is right to do so.

  • Kick-off Sunday, September 11, was a wonderful event! In addition to the start of Sunday School, it was highlighted by a Ministry Fair which featured all Committees engaging attendees with their plans and initiatives for this next year. Special thanks to the planning committee, Committee Chairpersons, Committee Members, Council Liaisons, and all attendees for making the day such a success.

  • Facilities Manager, Pete Clemens, and the Property Committee has been working diligently to make our church building and surrounding property look fresher and more inviting to members, visitors, and passersby. You may have noticed the trimmed trees, refreshed parking lot, and overall attention to maintenance and tidiness.


This is an exciting time for our community of faith.

We welcome feedback and ideas.  Please feel free to reach out to me or other Council members with feedback and ideas.

July 28- Dave Moore, President

As we move through the summer, the Council has been busy advancing opportunities and listening to ideas for the leading priorities of:

  • engaging members

  • attracting visitors

  • acquiring new members

These priorities are exciting and challenging – and involve every function and every committee in our church. As referenced in the previous update, the Exec Committee has been attending committee meetings to find ways to provide support and collaboration across the other committees. A recurring theme is: Every Sunday could be someone’s first Sunday – or first Sunday in a while - at St. James, and how can we make sure it is a positive and memorable experience from the time they pull into the parking lot until the time they are heading back home. Of course, that same goal for positive and memorable experiences is for all members - all the time. Here are a couple of highlights from the committees:

  • Christian Education Committee – is working hard on Sunday School and Youth Programs for 2022-2023 and beyond. Much more to come on this topic. Many thanks to Linda Berner, Debbie MacAyeal, Barb Davoux, Amy Marsch, Kathy Lowell, Doug Gerber, Mary Anne Larson, Doug Dusthimer, Wendy Wiegers, Pastor Mark, Shelly Holmstrom, and Ron Koepke for their engagement and efforts.

  • Worship and Music Committee – Mark Taylor and the committee continue looking for opportunities to improve the worship services for the congregation and visitors.

Additionally, I want to acknowledge the tireless work being done by the Call Committee: Andrea Taylor, Linda Berner, Mike Bennett, Hans Bodine, Doug Gerber, Gail Morgan, and Mark Wanda. Their commitment to representing our congregation and faithfully following the process as they assess candidates is greatly appreciated.

Finally, a major THANK YOU to Chris Meyer for her exceptional work and dedication as she retires from the Business Manager position effective July 31. 

July 7- Dave Moore, President

The 2022-2023 Council had its first meeting this week. The Council is committed to putting
forth our time, talent, energy, leadership, problem-solving, and collaboration skills in support of
the Congregation. We look forward to an exciting year ahead.

The Council has established leading priorities of engaging members, attracting visitors, and
acquiring new members. Early initiatives include:

  • “7 Ways Your Church Can Reach More People” which are best practices used by other congregations. Copies are available in the narthex.

  • Facebook and Instagram ads targeting new movers to the area and young families along with new signage to create awareness of the June 26 Outdoor Service.

  • Scheduling meetings with each Committee Chair to identify opportunities to support the priorities.

Council Liaison assignments were finalized and are as follows:

  • Christian Education – Barb Davoux and Amy Marsch

  • Evangelism – Denise Norberg-Johnson

  • Finance – Bob Kenehan

  • Fellowship – Annie Moss

  • Property – Bob Narlock

  • Social Ministry – Shelly Holmstrom and Ron Koepke

  • Stewardship – Michael Montalbano and Dave Moore

  • Worship and Music – Greg MacAyeal

  • Youth Ministry – Sue Ebert

The newly created Facilities Manager position posting and hiring process has been completed.
Effective July 1, Pete Clemens will officially begin in that role.

As always, the Council appreciates all congregation feedback, suggestions, and engagement.

June 2 - Tom Meyer, President

The Nominating Committee submitted its slate of candidates for positions opening this coming year. All names are listed in the Nominating committee's report for the annual meeting.  Council approved all candidates.  As to the Council positions only, beginning with the June meeting of the Council, David Moore becomes president, Ron Koepke is Vice President, and Shelly Holmstrom will become the Secretary.


Effective 7/31/22, with the retirement of Chris Meyer as Business Manager, her position will be divided into two positions: 1) a Bookkeeper position, to be assumed by Carol Bennett as an additional part-time position; and, 2) a newly created position of Facilities Manager, which will also encompass the sound system. The facilities manager position will be posted internally.


In addition to the above staff changes, the Administrative Assistant position, shared by Kristin Haverkampf and Carol Bennett, will be renamed Administrative Services Manager, to reflect the additional duties acquired from the Business Manager position.