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St. James Lenten Focus
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Dear friends in Christ,
The season of Lent is coming quickly. Lent is a time of spiritual housecleaning. I am hoping you also will join us in choosing a Lenten discipline this year – practicing faith for 40 days. Our Social Ministry Committee, with the approval of the congregation council, has put together a wonderful opportunity to enhance Lent this year. The theme is “Grow Together in Faith.” I encourage you to participate in this guided program. A weekly email with a daily focus will be sent out, beginning the first full week of Lent, on March 7, extending to Easter Sunday. The themes are Pray, Study, Renew, Connect, Reflect, Serve, and Worship. You can also click on the links below to download the focus for the week.
We often hear on the news and perhaps on social media about the faith traditions of other religions, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, for instance, and are fascinated with how these religious people are committed to practicing their particular faith. Christians often do not realize we have our religious commitments. Lent, the season leading up to Holy Week and Easter, and Holy Week itself, are the most important times for Christians. I hope that this year you will take this time to do some spiritual housecleaning, and participate in this meaningful discipline.  

 In Christian service,
Pastor Mark

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