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Job Openings at St. James
Nursery Coordinator

May 24, 2023

St. James is seeking a Nursery Coordinator to staff our preschool Sunday morning nursery. The Coordinator will provide childcare for our pre-K children on Sunday mornings (from 15 minutes before the service until 15 minutes after), maintain the nursery in good order, and work with office staff to reorder supplies as needed. CPR certification and background check are required. The church will pay for the CPR certification. The salary will be $20 per hour. Contact Sue Thomas at

Nursery Coordinator


Time Commitment: Three hours on Sunday mornings; potentially additional hours during church events, arranged in advance.


  • Demonstrates a positive and friendly attitude with parents and children in the nursery

  • Supervises the children closely, attending to their needs when necessary.

  • Stays in the Nursery at all times when children are present.

  • Texts parents when a child’s diapers and/or clothing needs to be changed.

  • Cleans and sanitizes all toys after each service.

  • Picks up and puts away toys and nursery furniture when closing the Nursery after the late service.

  • Inventories nursery supplies and notifies the Administrative Services Manager when supplies need to be ordered.

  • Reports damaged or broken items to the Administrative Services Manager for repair or replacement.



Dependable, friendly, enthusiastic, creative, organized, ability to work with other volunteers, relates well to children.

Trained in CPR and First Aid

Completes a successful background check.

September 7, 2023

Reports to: Senior Pastor, volunteer Treasurer and Church Council

Hours: Part-time TBD/Work from home

The duties of the Bookkeeper are the day-to-day business operations of the church as an organization and its property.  This position reports to the Pastor and Church Council, with financial duties directed and reviewed by the Treasurer on a monthly basis. The Bookkeeper must be proficient in bookkeeping, accounting, payroll management, financial statement preparation and management reporting. This individual will meet with the Treasurer and Senior Pastor, and meet with Finance, Property and other Committees as required.




  • Supervise and perform daily financial operations of the church, including banking, payroll, disbursements, and donations.

  • Reconcile accounts monthly, including, but not limited to: General Fund, Memorial Garden, other Memorials, credit card accounts; make monthly journal entries.

  • Coordinate stock transfers and send out acknowledgement letters.

  • Preparation of forms and reimbursement for members’ church expenses.

  • Request annual budgets from all committees including preparing reports of previous year budget and current year to date reports to each committee.

  • Prepare pledge/budget comparison annually.

  • Prepare Annual Financial Report for January and the Annual Report of the Congregation for June Meeting.

  • Prepare and distribute quarterly Giving Statements to members.

  • Annually, prepare the personnel budget, the administrative budget, the parochial report for ELCA, and the annual payroll audit report of wages for workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Payroll duties:

    • Pay employees either monthly or semi-monthly.

    • Pay payroll taxes monthly.

    • Prepare Quarterly Reports to IRS.

    • Prepare W-2’s for all employees and file W-2’s and W-3 annually.

    • Prepare and file change of salary forms to Portico for qualified staff annually.

    • Prepare the annual calculation of benefit costs based on defined compensation.

    • Administer Flexible Spending Account for qualified staff.

    • Reimburse qualified staff for gas mileage.

  • Review insurance policies, end dates and coverage and coordinate with finance committee.

  • Record pledges.

  • Acknowledge memorial contributions.

  • Other responsibilities as assigned.

  • Bachelor’s degree, with accounting/bookkeeping experience preferred.

  • Demonstrated experience in payroll, benefits, budget development, analysis and reporting.

  • Demonstrated experience with QuickBooks or other accounting software, Excel and Word. 

  • Good communication skills.

Background check and credit check are required for this position.

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