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Service Partner Engagement


COOL's mission is to give comprehensive assistance to families by reducing hunger and homelessness while encouraging personal growth and self-sufficiency. We step in to assist by volunteering at their food pantry, working at the home sites and giving direct financial support 


From monthly teacher lunches, to assisting at  the Food Pantry to students tutoring, we interact and support North Chicago Community Partners with their mission to help address the academic challenges facing the children of North Chicago, an under-resourced community. 


We partners with PADS throughout the year by preparing monthly dinners and hosting PADS speakers to inform and update the congregation of the needs and successes of the organization. In addition the congregation provides direct financial support. 


For over twenty years, we have been active workers with Habitat for Humanity. We work with both the local affiliate as well as the larger organization volunteering at home sites in Lake County, Louisiana and South Carolina. In addition members lend a hand at the ReStore and provide direct financial support. 


Through the year we support the good works of Lutheran Social Services. We dedicated one of our winter service projects to collecting money to purchase boots for children. 

To lend your support, please click this button to donate electronically via the St. James
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