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Dear Fellow Members:

This is a time of transition for each of us. We are all very busy in preparation for the transition here at St, James from our retiring pastor to an interim pastor, and finally to a new pastor to be called by our congregation.

As with all transitions, change presents us with both challenges as well as the anticipation and excitement of something new to come.  As a congregation, we need to be bound together by our faith and unity within our church and with one another during this transition period at St. James.


The Church Council has selected a Call Committee to manage the process of interviewing and calling our future permanent pastor.  The Council was fortunate to have so many qualified members willing to take on this challenge and responsibility.  While we were limited in the number of of  people who could serve we are grateful to all who submitted their names for consideration.  The Call Committee members are listed below in alphabetical order:


Michael Bennett, Hans Bodine, Linda Berner, Doug Gerber, Gail Morgan, Annie Moss, Andrea Taylor and Mark Wanda


We are grateful to these committee members in pledging their time and commitment for this important role. Please remember that calling a new pastor is a process that takes time.  Based on what we have been told from our Synod representatives we can expect a period of at least 6 months to a year and beyond to find the right fit for our congregation.  Please keep the members of this committee in your prayers as they begin this important task.





Tom Meyer

Church Council President