Church Council and Officers

Tom Meyer, Council President

Dave Moore, Council Vice President
Alane Wanda, Council Secretary
Mike Bennett, Congregational Treasurer

Ron Koepke, liaison to Finance Committee
Sue Ebert, liaison Youth Ministry Team
Scott Hill, liaison to Evangelism Committee

Greg MacAyeal, liaison to Worship and Music Committee
Michael Montalbano, liaison to Stewardship Committee

Barb Davoux, liaison to Christian Ed. Committee
Gail Morgan, liaison to Fellowship Committee
Amy Marsch, liaison to Property Committee
Shelly Holmstrom, liaison to Social Ministry Committee

Richard Holmer, Pastor

Our Committees
Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee oversees the conduct and promotion of the schools and the educational activities of all organizations within the congregation. It encourages the use of teaching and worship materials published or approved by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and seeks to introduce the church’s periodicals and books of family devotion into the homes of the congregation. One of the primary aims of the committee is to bring the call to the ministry of the Gospel and to other full-time church vocations to the attention of qualified youth of the congregation.

Social Ministry

The Social Ministry Committee endeavors to extend Christian compassion and helpfulness to the ill, the aged, the orphaned, the underprivileged, the imprisoned, and, in general, to persons in need of aid in body or soul. It strives to enlist in these efforts as many as possible of the individual members and organizations of the congregation. This committee has the duty to study social conditions primarily in the local community, in order to bring the cleansing and healing light of Christian truth to bear upon critical problems through thoughtful Christian discussion of facts and issues.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry Team develops and conducts engaging, age-appropriate programs for the youth  at Saint James.  The James Group for High School youth participate annually in a summer mission trip.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund Committee oversees the investment and use of various endowment funds which support several missions.


The Evangelism Committee plans and executes activities designed to spread the word of God and to draw families into our congregational family.


The Fellowship Committee plans and executes events that keep our congregation in good fellowship with one another.


The Finance Committee develops the annual budget for the church and oversees the effective management of sources and uses of funds.


The Personnel Committee creates and maintains job descriptions; interviews and selects candidates for employment and oversees staff performance and evaluation.


The Audit Committee oversees the annual audit of the church’s financial records.

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden Committee maintains the memorial garden and manages the sale of burial space.


The Property Committee oversees the physical assets of the church and establishes plans and budgets for the upkeep and maintenance of the property.


The Stewardship Committee develops and executes annual stewardshp campaigns.

Worship & Music

The Worship & Music Committee plans all worship services.