Prayer List

We remember in our prayers:

Sandy Abby

Jamie and Li Arellano (niece of Linda Berner)

Brett Beneteau (friend of Sarah Lewis)

Ernie Beutel (friend of Sue Thomas)

Gabriella Bicok (cousin of Barb Davoux)

Galen Burke (friend of Al Albrecht)

MaryBeth Buschmann

Charles Cook (friend of the Kazarian family)

Emily Collins (friend of the Wanda family)

Jeri Dillman (friend of Anne Browne)

Lynn Ellingson (sister of Shelly Holmstrom)

Bernie Floriani (friend of the Davis family)

Abby Furco (friend of Sue Thomas)

Richard Gern (friend of Kathy Mordini)

Steve and Kim Gillespie (friends of the Shinn family)

Chris Goebel (brother-in-law of Choosri Goebel)

John Gugel (brother-in-law of Liz Behring)

Amy Harris (cousin of Melinda Voelcker)

Daniel Heiman

Lisa Holt (sister-in-law of Wendy Wiegers)

Ruth Hughes (mother of Bob Hughes)

Robin Hynes (cousin of Alane Wanda)

Phil Jacobs (friend of Dean Haverkampf)

Bobette Janus

Allan Johnson (friend of Peter Clemens)

Lexie Johnson (friend of Elise Moore)

Peter Jorgensen (son of Madeleine Jorgensen)

Carol Jubitz (friend of Al Albrecht)

The Kazarian family

Lee Kern (uncle of Jason Lewis)

Susan Knapp (friend of the Wanda family)

Kimberly Larson (cousin of Nancy Clemens)

Rachel Larson (cousin of Nancy Clemens)

Mandy Lee (mother of Kari Lee)

Elise Mancuso (friend of the Davis family)

Rohit Marwah (friend of the Tanner family)

Denise Norberg-Johnson

John Nosko (uncle of Paula Doyle)

Diana Oldenkamp (mother of Melinda Voelcker)

Ryan Olliges (relative of Gina Husemoller)

Carolyn Omietec (friend of the MacAyeal family)

The Pigniczky-Gerő Family (friends of the Davoux family)

Joan Elsie Platt (mother of Annie Moss)

Jean Schmidt (grandmother of Kelly Duncombe)

Tim Schwob (friend of the Holmers)

Alice Stafford (aunt of Deb Moore)

Zelmira Tomaska (mother of Paula Doyle)

Matt Wetherbee (brother of Tiffany Alexander)

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