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Prayer List

We remember in our prayers:

Sandy Abby

Emerson Bodell

Chris Christopher (friend of the Daniel family)

Emily Collins (friend of the Wanda family)

Margie Elkins (friend of MaryBeth Buschmann)

Kerstin (friend of Sue Thomas and Bob Hughes)

Kristi Gerken (niece of MaryBeth Buschmann)

Kathryn Gilbertson

Alexis Gladstone (friend of Sue Thomas and Bob Hughes)

Jeremy Gugel (nephew of Liz Behring)

John Gugel (brother-in-law of Liz Behring)

Jenerfer Harrison-Okarski (cousin of Donna Jarvi)

Daniel Heiman

Mike Jarvi

Sandy Jaeger (sister of Chary Voss)

Peter Jorgensen (son of Madeleine Jorgensen)

The family of Doris Krogstad (mother of Jineen Heiman)

Rachel Larson (cousin of Nancy Clemens)

Michael Lorenson (father of Choosri Goebel)

Karen Mackey (friend of Shelly Holmstrom)

Sue Milligan (friend of Melissa and Detlef Koska)

Molly Morris (friend of the Davoux family)

The Family of Sandy Neagle

Shirley Norberg

Anita and Roger Norem (friends of the Triplett family)

John Nosko (uncle of Paula Doyle)

Ryan Olliges (relative of Gina Husemoller)

Carolyn Omietec (friend of the MacAyeal family)

Peter O’Rourke (friend of Sue Thomas & Bob Hughes)

Jeff Peterson (brother-in-law of Marilyn and Ron Koepke)

Claude Pinault-Vasquez (Cousin of Madeleine Jorgensen)

Jean Schmidt (grandmother of Kelly Duncombe)

Jennifer Schlueter (cousin of Nancy Clemens)

Carole Tanner

Melanie Thornberry

Zelmira Tomaska (mother of Paula Doyle)

Henry Unrath (father of Wendy Unrath)

Paula Van Singel

Chary and Sieg Voss

Nancy Wanda (mother of Mark Wanda)

John Webster

Matt Wetherbee (brother of Tiffany Alexander)

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