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Virtual Exploring Grief Groups

SamaraCare is offering two virtual Grief Groups.

Fall Session:August 23 - October 18

Winter Session:January 3 - February 28

Our Grief Groups provide a safe and supportive environment for adults who have experienced the death of a spouse, friend, parent, partner, or other loved one.


The grief groups help:

  • Normalize the intense impact of grief

  • Facilitate acceptance of grief and promote healing

  • Provide a nonjudgmental space to share thoughts, process emotions, and receive support

This program is offered in the fall and winter. Both groups cover the same information. Local congregations have come together to sponsor the groups making them available to participants at no cost. Experienced professional counselors facilitate the groups which consist of those from various spiritual orientations. Everyone is welcome. Please register as soon as possible as space is limited.


The specifics for both Fall Sessions are below.



The first fall session will meet virtually every Tuesday from 3pm-4:30pm beginning August 23 through October 18. To register, please contact Denise Kitanovski, JD, MA, LCPC at 847-446-6955, ext. 422 or


Sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, 

Church of the Holy Spirit, and St. James Lutheran Church

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