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A Prayer for Gun Violence in School

From: To Light Their Way by Kayla Craig

Gun Violence in School O God of protection and peace, We come to You weary, Heartbroken, a
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O God of protection and peace,

We come to You weary,

Heartbroken, and afraid.

How do we explain to our child

What it means to practice an active

shooter drill at school

When we ourselves don't have the words?

When we ourselves barely understand?

How has it gotten this dangerous

To be a child

In a desk

In a classroom?

We grieve for innocence lost by way

of violence.

Lord, hear our prayer.

We ache for teachers who must prepare

for the unthinkable.

Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray for every mother and father

Who is forever changed by the


The death of a child

At the hands of gun violence.

We rub our eyes and will our minds to

stop the imagery,

For it is too much to hold.

And yet, some must hold it.

O Lord who said let the little children

come to Me,

We have sent our teachers to first-aid


But have not cried out to You to stop

the bleeding.

Give us the imagination

Without violence.

Give us a Kingdom imagination

a better future

For our children and their children.

We are scared, Lord.

We even wonder how You can allow

Mass shootings of children to happen.

When we walk our children to their


We lament that we quietly assess

How close their tiny cubbies are to the

front door.

But we know this is not Your way,

O Lord.

Help us beat our swords into plowshares.

Help us put down our swords,

Collectively and individually.

Speak peace into our into our children's hearts

As their little minds try to comprehend

The possibilities of what they're

practicing for.

Our job as parents is to keep our children


How do we do so?

Give us eyes to see.

Give us new vocabularies

And courageous hearts to champion

Our children.

Lord, heal our collective wounds.

Lord, heal our individual hearts.

That crack into pieces

Every time our kids step onto the school


Lord, may we see into Your upside-down


Give us courage and boldness

To plead the case of our children.

Deliver us from the evil one,

And may our action for a more peaceable


For our children

Be a prayer of its own.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Mark 10:13-16; Micah 4:3; John 14:27, Romans 12:21; Matthew 5:9


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